Dr Soap is the founder of Body Detailer® Personal Care Products

Dr Soap "entrepreneur"

Dr Soap created the mens personal care products brand called Body Detailer

Billions of People Taking Showers Daily

Despite popular belief, water alone doesn't clean you. People take showers, always have always will, making this industry recession proof......................

Body Detailer shower  & hygiene products will expand your portfolio beyond your wildest dreams as you learn from the master of consumer product development in an industry that's necessary for daily survival

Dr Soap's brand Body Detailer was developed in Hollywood, CA

Developed in Hollywood

Body Detailer® shower & personal care products are the NEXT BIG THING

Some say "Procter & Gamble owns the category of men's hygiene care products", but they don't really, they only participate in it for one reason..................

Every time someone takes a shower, the smell of margins fill the air

Dr Soap welcomes investing partner for Body Detailer hygiene products

One Investor Welcome

Dr Soap welcomes one strategic partner who consider themselves a future billionaire

Get in on the ground floor of this exciting brand of mens personal care products and let Dr Soap guide you to greater success



and ask for Dr Soap

New Products Under Development

Dr Soap Is on the road as

Business Is Booming in American Bathrooms

Dr Soap is going where no other personal care company has ever been before. Dr Soap says Innovation is often talked about but very few ever reach it in epic proportion