Dr Soap is the founder of Body Detailer® and SHOWER BULLET® hygiene care

Dr Soap "entrepreneur"

Billions of People Taking Showers Daily

Despite popular belief, water alone won't clean you. Body Detailer® personal care and shower products were developed by Dr Soap to enhance everyday routines of getting clean. 

Startups in Hollywood

Developed in Hollywood

Personal Care Products brand Body Detailer® and Shower Bullet® started in Hollywood and will eventually assume star roles in millions of bathrooms across the United States.

SHOWER BULLET to launch in 2018

Personal Care Brands developed in California

Earth. Nature. Science

All played an important role in developing the highest quality personal care products humans have ever used. Learn more at



New Products New Look Under Development and Coming Soon

Personal Care Products 2018

Dr Soap Is on the road as

Dr Soap is the founder of Body Detailer personal care products for men

Business Booms in American Bathrooms

Dr Soap is going where no other personal care company has ever been before. Dr Soap says Innovation is often talked about but very few ever reach it in epic proportion